Date/Time Functions

Read(3852) Label: function, year, month, day, quater,

  esProc offers date/time functions that return date, time and datetime values.

Ø  A.range()

Divide a sequence into multiple segments evenly according to the length and retrieve the specified segment

Ø  age()

Compute the number of whole years between two specified time points

Ø  date()

Convert a string or an integer to a date

Ø  date(datetimeExp)

Get the date part of the datetime value

Ø  datetime()

Convert the string or long integer to datetime

Ø  datetime(datetimeExp)

Adjust the precision of the datetime expression and return the expression

Ø  day()

Get the day from a date value

Ø  days()

Get the number of days of the year, quarter or month to which the specified date belongs

Ø  deq()

Compare the specified two dates, accurate to the day by default

Ø  elapse()

Get the date/time which is a certain time period before or after a given date/time

Ø  hour()

Get the hour from a specified datetime

Ø  interval()

Compute the number of days between two datetime values

Ø  millisecond()

Get the millisecond from a specified datetime value

Ø  minute()

Get the minute from a specified datetime value

Ø  month()

Get the month from a specified date/datetime value

Ø  now()

Get the current system date/time

Ø  pdate()

Get the first day or the last day of the week/month/quarter/year to which a specified date belongs

Ø  periods()

Generate a sequence of datetime values by specified regular intervals

Ø  range()

Get the beginning members of the specified segment and its next segment

Ø  second()

Get the second from a specified datetime value

Ø  time()

Convert a string or an integer to time

Ø  time(datetimeExp)

Get the time part of the datetime value

Ø  workday()

Find a date which is the nth workday after the specified date

Ø  workdays()

Return a sequence of workdays between two dates inclusive

Ø  year()

Get the year from a date value