Remote-service-related functions

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This section explains functions related to remote services.


Ø  Qconnect(url:v,wt,lt)

Request QVA through QVS to access QVM

Ø  Qdirectory(path)

Get a list of file names that match the specified remote storage path with wildcards

Ø  Qenv(v,x)

Set or get global variable for/from QVS

Ø  Qfile(fd:z)

Get file(s)/homo-name files group from storage bucket in the cloud storage

Ø  Qload(lfn:z,rfn:z)

Upload file(s)/homo-name files group to or download it from the remote storage

Ø  Qlock(n,s)

Implement global lock through the QVS

Ø  Qmove(fn:z,path)

Delete or rename files/homo-name files group in the remote storage

Ø  qvm.close()

Close QVM

Ø  qvm.exec(splx,…;t)

Execute a SPL script file through QVS

Ø  qvm.load(l:z,r:z)

Switch file(s) or homo-name files group between the local and QVM