System- & interface-related Functions

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  esProc offers system- & interface-related functions that handle system and interface information and operations.

Ø  argpost

Ø  >statement

Set a POST parameter to be passed to the to-be-called dfx file With esProc JDBC, generate the contextual execute statement and return every possible result set once the statement is executed

Ø  =expression

With esProc JDBC, execute the statement directly and return the result set

Ø  $(db)sql;…

With esProc JDBC, execute the specified SQL statement and return the result set

Ø  call path/dfx(…)

Search for a program file locally via esProc JDBC; if the file can’t be found, then search the server

Ø  clipboard()

Set system clipboard content

Ø  dfx(…)

With esProc JDBC, search for and execute a program file locally; if not found, then search the server

Ø  env()

Assign value to the global variable

Ø  httpfile()

Package the returned result of URL as file flow

Ø  httpupload()

Upload parameters or files to an URL using the HTTP protocol

Ø  ifv()

Check whether a variable exists

Ø  invoke()

Invoke the static function of class in the package

Ø  lock()

Use a synchronization lock

Ø  output()

Output data to the console

Ø  sizeof()

Calculate the memory space an object occupies

Ø  sleep()

Make esProc program sleep

Ø  system()

Execute the system command