File-handling Functions

Read(1190) Label: file-handling operation,

  esProc offers file-processing functions that handle file-related computations.

Ø  directory()

List the file name(s) satisfying a wildcard path


Return the time and date of a file last modified

Ø  f.exists()

Check if a file exists

Ø  f.export()

Write a sequence/record sequence/table sequence into a file


Return a file’s path relative to the main directory

Ø  f.import()

Read the contents of a file and return them as a table sequence


Read the property value from the property file


Read contents of a file and return them as strings

Ø  f.size()

Return the length of a file

Ø  f.write()

Write a string or a string sequence into a file

Ø  file()

Open a file with the specified name

Ø  filename()

Split up a full path to get the file name and extension

Ø  movefile()

Copy, move, delete or rename a file across partitions