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Data Type

esProc offers the following functions that return data type information. Ø  “”,$[] String Ø  ‘’ Variable name Ø  0x12 Hefunction, convert


  esProc offers a series of operators and related functions to perform general computations. Ø  ${ } Macro Ø  % Generatefunction, basic operations

Mathematical Functions

 esProc provides the following mathematical functions that return mathematical values. Ø  abs() Return the absolute valufunction, mathematical operations

Date/Time Functions

  esProc offers date/time functions that return date, time and datetime values. Ø  A.range() Divide a sequence into multfunction,year,month,day,quater

System- & interface-related Functions

  esProc offers system- & interface-related functions that handle system and interface information and operations. Ø  arfunction,jdbc

Cluster Computing Functions

  esProc offers cluster computing functions that handle cluster computations. Ø  callx(spl,…;hs;rdfx) Allocate tasks amofunction, node


Description: Register a .dfx/.splx file as a function to be called. Syntax: register(f,spl) Note: The function registersdfx,register,function,call