esProc connects to databases via ODBC or JDBC. But it also provides Search External Library functionality in case a database to be connected doesn’t support JDBC and ODBC connectivity.


esProc, by default, supports a variety of external libraries. They are AlicloudCli, AvroCli, CassandraCli, DynamodbCli, ElasticsearchCli, FinancialCli, FtpCli, HbaseCli, HdfsFileCli, HiveCli, InfluxdbCli, InformixCli, KafkaCli, MathCli, MongoCli, Olap4jCli, OssCli, R2dbcCli, RedisCli, S3Cli, SalesforceCli, SapCli, SparkCli, WasCli, WebcrawlCli, WebserviceCli and ZipCli. There are two steps for using these external libraries.

1. Deploying external libraries. For this refer to Deployment;

2. Connecting to external libraries. For this refer to Connection.