esProc connects to databases via ODBC or JDBC. But it also provides Search External Library functionality in case a database to be connected doesn’t support JDBC and ODBC connectivity.


esProc, by default, supports a variety of external libraries. They are AlicloudCli, CassandraCli, DynamodbCli , ElasticsearchCli, FtpCli, HbaseCli, HdfsFileCli, HiveCli, InfluxdbCli, InformixCli, KafkaCli, MongoCli, Olap4jCli, R2dbcCli, RedisCli, SalesforceCli, SapCli, SparkCli, WebcrawlCli, WebserviceCli and ZipCli. There are two steps for using these external libraries.

1. Deploying external libraries. For this refer to Deployment;

2. Connecting to external libraries. For this refer to Connection.