Read(340) Label: ymodel,

Ø  ym_build_model()

Perform model building operation

Ø  ym_close()

Reduce resource usage

Ø  ym_env()

Initialize the environment by setting an environment variable

Ø  ym_exec()

Execute a Python file to define a data file and the target variable for data scoring

Ø  ym_importance()

List the degrees of importance for model building variables

Ø  ym_json()

Return model information as a JSON string

Ø  ym_load_pcf()

Generate a model object based on the model building file

Ø  ym_model()

Load data for model building

Ø  ym_performance()

Get information about the performance of a model

Ø  ym_predict()

perform data scoring

Ø  ym_present()

Get model description data

Ø  ym_result()

Get data from the scoring result object

Ø  ym_save_pcf()

Generate a model file according to a model object

Ø  ym_setparam()

Set model building parameters

Ø  ym_server_quit()

Close Python service

Ø  ym_statistics()

Get a series of information about a specified  variable

Ø  ym_target()

Set a target variable for model building