Mathematical Functions

  esProc provides the following mathematical functions that return mathematical values.

Ø  abs()

Return the absolute value

Ø  acos()

Return the arc cosine value

Ø  acosh()

Return the inverse hyperbolic cosine

Ø  and()

Perform bitwise AND operation on integers

Ø  asin()

Return the arc sine value

Ø  asinh()

Return the inverse hyperbolic sine

Ø  atan()

Return the arc tangent value

Ø  atanh()

Return the inverse hyperbolic tangent

Ø  bits()

Convert to decimal numbers

Ø  ceil()

Truncate data at the specified position, and carry the remaining part if any

Ø  combin()

Return the number of combinations

Ø  cos()

Return the cosine value

Ø  cosh()

Return the hyperbolic cosine

Ø  exp()

Return e to the nth power

Ø  fact()

Return the factorial

Ø  floor()

Truncate data at the specified position, and reject all the remaining part if any

Ø  gcd()

Return the greatest common divisor

Ø  hash()

Return a hash value

Ø  inf()

Return positive infinity value

Ø  -inf()

Return negative infinity value

Ø  lcm()

Return the least common multiple

Ø  lg()

Return the logarithm with 10 as the base

Ø  ln()

Return the natural logarithm

Ø  not()

On integers, perform bitwise NOT operation to get the logical negation on each bit

Ø  or()

Perform bitwise OR operation on integers

Ø  permut()

Return the number of permutations

Ø  pi()

The ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter

Ø  power()

Perform exponentiation or find the nth root of a number

Ø  product()

Return the product of a set of numbers

Ø  rand()

Return a random value

Ø  rgb()

Convert the red, green, blue, and transparency values to the corresponding color value

Ø  round()

Truncate data at the specified position and round off the remaining part

Ø  shift()

Perform a shift operation

Ø  sign()

Judge whether the parameter is a positive or negative number or a 0

Ø  sin()

Return the sine value

Ø  sinh()

Return the hyperbolic sine

Ø  sqrt()

Return the square root

Ø  tan()

Return the tangent value

Ø  tanh()

Return the hyperbolic tangent

Ø  xor()

Perform bitwise XOR operation on integers