Database Functions

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  esProc supplies database functions that return database-related information.

Ø  connect()

Establish a connection to a data source

Ø  db.close()

Close a database connection

Ø  db.commit()

Commit the database transaction manually

Ø  db.error()

Obtain the last error information from the database connection

Ø  db.execute()

Execute a SQL statement through a specified database connection

Ø  db.isolate()

Define transaction isolation level for the connection according to the option and return the original level

Ø  db.proc()

Call a database stored procedure

Ø  db.query()

Execute a SQL statement by a database connection and return the query results   

Ø  db.rollback()

Roll back the database transaction

Ø  db.savepoint()

Set the savepoint to which you can later rollback

Ø  db.update()

Update a database table according to a sequence/record sequence