Cluster Computing Functions

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  esProc offers cluster computing functions that handle cluster computations.

Ø  callx(dfx,;h,s;x)

Compute a cellset file using parallel processing

Ø  callx(dfx,...;;x)

Execute a local cellset file dfx using multithreaded processing

Ø  file(fn,f)

Generate a new cluster file that has same distribution type as an existing cluster file

Ø  file(fn:z,h)

Open a file in a specified zone on a node

Ø  fork...;h,s reduce

Execute a code block with multiple threads on multiple nodes

Ø  hosts(h,n)

Search the main processes to get nodes containing specified data zones

Ø  sync()

Synchronize the nodes

Ø  zone(h)

Get data partitions from nodes

Ø  zone(i)

Number a memory data zone