Cluster Computing Functions

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  esProc offers cluster computing functions that handle cluster computations.

Ø  callx(spl,…;hs;rdfx)

Allocate tasks among a sequence of nodes, execute the script, and return a sequence of values returned by all tasks

Ø  file(fn:cs,h)

Return a remote file from a node

Ø  file(fn:cs,hs)

Return a remote file from a sequence of nodes

Ø  file(fn,f)

Generate a new cluster file that has same distribution type as an existing cluster file

Ø  hosts(i;j)

Set or get the number of memory zone holding a specified task on the current node

Ø  hosts(n,hs;j)

Return a sequence of available nodes

Ø  movefile(fn:z,h;path,hs)

Move a file from a node to another

Ø  splserver()

Start or stop an SPL process on the current machine

Ø  syncfile(hs,p)

Synchronize a local path onto a sequence of nodes

Ø  fork...;hs,reduce

Execute a code block in a node