Read(2543) Label: statement,

  The following are statements and program-related functions in esProc.

Ø  #c

The variable generated during the process of loop

Ø  #@

The COUNT item in a cell expression

Ø  Cr

Define a cell name

Ø  [a:b]

Get values from row/column/cell a to row/column/cell b to create a sequence

Ø  @

Value of the current cell referenced in an expression

Ø  @x:…

Give an alias to a cell in the text code

Ø  'x,=x,>x,/x

Cell type

Ø  //x

Code block type

Ø  $(db)sql;…

Execute the specified SQL statement on the data source and return result

Ø  arguments(spl)

Return a list of the script file’s argument names

Ø  break {a}

Break the current loop

Ø  call()

Call a script file and return the first result set

Ø  clear

Clear the values of certain cells

Ø  cursor cs cursor … cursor

Set up cursors to define pipes for each cursor

Ø  cursor(dfx,…)

Generate a cursor using a program

Ø  end s

Log the error message

Ø  for cs,n;x

Loop through the cursor

Ø  for x

Start a loop

Ø  for a,b,s

Execute a loop according to the specified scope and span

Ø  fork Ai

Use multithreads to execute the code block in a cellset

Ø  fork cs

Perform parallel computation over a multicursor

Ø  fork...fork...

Execute multiple code blocks in parallel

Ø  func {return xi}

Define a function block

Ø  func()

Call a subroutine

Ø  func fn(arg,...)

Define a named function block

Ø  if x

If statement

Ø  if x else

If statement

Ø  if x{ else { if x} }

If statement

Ø  if xelse …

If statement

Ø  goto C

Jump to execute cell C

Ø  next {a}

Skip the current loop and continue with the next loop

Ø  register(f,spl)

Register a script file as a function to be called

Ø  return xi

Return the result xi,…

Ø  try

Try to continue with the execution of a code block by ignoring the error