Special Save

Read(722) Label: export, append, write, diverseformat,

After some processing on diverse data sources, we can export result sets to files of diverse formats, including ctx, btx, txt, csv, xlsx, and database tables.

Here~{!/~}s how to save a new result set.

Example: Open the panel where the result set is displayed, click File -> Special Save to save a result set of complex computation as a txt file.

Export column headers: Write information about fields or field headers to the first row of the target file.

Append: Append-write same structure data to a file. Error will be reported if structure is different.

Write to binary file by segment: Export data as a binary file, which enables fast computations.

Use Windows-style line break: Use Windows-style line break \r\n, and if it is not selected, use system default. When ~{!0~}Write to binary file by segment~{!1~} is also selected, write a sequence of sequences as structured data, with the first row as field names.

Enclose field values and headers in quotes: Enclose each of the field values and headers within quotes.

Use double quotation marks as escape character: When this option is selected, the two pairs of double quotation marks are treated as one pair and leave other characters alone.