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Export to text file

Export cell strings in the program cellset to the text file. Columns are separated by tabs and the lines are separated bexport,text file, tab, line break

Export to SPL file

Click Export to SPL file option under Files on IDE to export a script as a SPL script: To export the following dfx scripexport,spl script


Here’s how to use export() function.export


Description: Export a report as a HTML file or an MHT file. Syntax: report_exportHtml(rpt, filePath) Note: By default, texport,html,mht,external library function


Description: Export a report as a PDF file. Syntax: report_exportPdf(rpt, filePath) Note: This external library functionexport,pdf file


Description: Export a report as an xls file or an xlsx file. Syntax: report_exportXls(rpt, filePath) Note: By default, texport,xls,xlsx