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1. The directory containing files of this external library is: installation directory\esProc\extlib\WasCli. The Raqsoft core jar for this external library is scu-azure-was-cli-2.10.jar.





Note: The third-party jars are encapsulated in the compression package and users can choose appropriate ones for specific scenarios.


2. A JRE version 1.7 or above is required. Users need to install a higher version if the esProc built-in JRE version does not meet the requirements, and then configure java_home in config.txt under installation directory \esProc\bin. Just skip this step if the JRE version is adequate.


3. esProc provides the functions – was_bucket(), was_close(), was_copy(), was_file(), was_list() and was_open() to access the WAS database. Look it up inHelp-Function referenceto find their uses.