Accessing multidimensional databases

1. Download the following jars from the address and put them in esProc external library folder. The directory containing files of this external library is: installation directory\esProc\extlib\OlapCli. The Raqsoft core jar for this external library is Olap4jCli.jar.



Note: The third-party jars are provided within the package and users can choose appropriate ones for specific scenarios.


2. Olap4jCli requires a JRE version 1.7 or above. The embedded JRE version in esProc is JRE1.6. Users need to install a higher version and configure java_home in the config.txt under installation directory\esProc\bin. If a JDK version 1.7 or above has been chosen when installing esProc, just ignore this step.


3. esProc provides three library functions - olap_open(), olap_query() and olap_close() - to access multidimensional databases. Look up them inHelp-Function referenceto find the uses.