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Retrieval batch size

This option lets you set the number of records to be retrieved from a cursor at a time. The value will be used when a cucursor, batchsize


Description: Connect to Albaba Cloud and return result as a cursor. Syntax: ali_open (ali_url,user,password,dbname)   Noconnect to alibaba cloud,cursor


Description: Query data and return result as a cursor or a table sequence. Syntax: ali_query(ali_open, tableName, keyNamquery data,cursor

The Concept of Cursor

The concept of cursor is very important for the database. Cursor enables a more flexible manipulation of data, returningcursor


Description: Evaluate the expression with each member in the cursor. Syntax: cs.(x)   cs.() Retrun cs itself Note: The fcursor,expression


Here’s how to use cursor() function.cursor


Description: Connect to Amazon DynamoDB. Syntax: dyna_open(dyna_url,region,AccessKey,SecretKey)   Note: The external libconnect,dynamodb,cursor

Accessing a (multi-zone) composite table

The f. open() function is used to open a composite table saved as a file:   A B 1 =file("D:/file/dw/employees.ctx")   2 composite table,access,create,attach,cursor,icursor,index,joinx

es_get ()

Description:   Execute the get command and return a table sequence or a cursor. Syntax:    es_get(fd, endpoint, entity,hexecute get,table sequence,cursor

es_post ()

Description:   Execute the post command and return a table sequence or a cursor. Syntax:    es_post(fd, endpoint, entityexecute post,table sequence,cursor