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Description: An external libaray function that builds models and performs predictions using the Lasso regression method.model,prediction,vector


Description: Search for positions of non-zero members in a vector or matrix. Syntax: mfind(A, n) Note: The external librvector,matrix,non-zero


Description: Calculate the product of two matrices or vectors. Syntax: mul(A, X) Note: The function calculates the produvector, matrix, multiplication


Description: Calculate the standard error of the mean between two vectors. Syntax: mse(A,B) Note: The function calculatevector, standard error of the mean


Description: Normalize a matrix or a vector. Syntax: norm(A) Note: The function normalizes a matrix or a vector by subtrmatrix,vector,normalize


Description: Calculate Pearson’s correlation coefficient between two vectors. Syntax: pearson(A,B) Note: The function cavector,pearson’s correlation coefficient


Description: Perform SG smoothing on each row of a vector or a matrix. Syntax: sg(A,n,m,d) Note: The external library fuvector,matrix,sg smoothing


Description: Calculate Spearman’s correlation coefficient between two vectors. Syntax: spearman(A,B) Note: The function vector,spearman’s correlation coefficient


Description: Calculate the generalized variance of a vector (sequence). Syntax: var(V) Note: The function computes the gvector, generalized variance, sample variance