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Query through table association

Besides detail data queries on a single table, multi-table join queries are involved on many occasions. DQL supports thiquery, association


Description: Query data stored in DynamoDB. Syntax: dynadb.query(sql) dynadb.query(A,sql) Note: The external library funquery,dynamodb,table sequence


Description: Query data in HBase database and return a one-row table sequence. Syntax: hbase_get(client,tableName,rowNamquery,hbase database,external library function,table sequence


Description: Query a HBase database and return result as a cursor or a table sequence. Syntax: hbase_scan(client,tableNaquery,hbase database,cursor,table sequence


Description: Query a Hive database and return the result as a cursor. Syntax: hive_cursor(con,sql) Note: This external lquery,hive database,cursor


Description: Query a Hive database. Syntax: hive_query(con,sql) Note: This external library function (See External Libraquery,hive database


Description: Query InfluxDB database. Syntax: influx_query(hd,sql) Note: The external library function (See External Libquery,influxdb


Description: Query InfluxDB 2 database. Syntax: influx2_query(url,InfluxQL) Note: The external library function (See Extquery,influxdb2


Description: Query and manipulate the database and return a result value. Syntax: mongo_shell(fd,s) Note: The external lquery,mongodb database,result


Description: Query data in a multidimensional database and return the result. Syntax: olap_query(conn,mdx) Note: This exquery,multidimensional database