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Description: Value of the current cell referenced in an expression. Example:   A B   1 [1,2,3,4,5,6]     2 for A1     3 sequence,current cell value,member

A.( x )

Description: Compute an expression with each member of a sequence. Syntax: A.(x)     A.() return A itself Note: The funcsequence,member,expression


Description: Determine if a given value is a member of a set. Syntax: redis_sismember(con,key,member) Note: External libdetermine,member,set


Description: Get the members of the union of all the given sets. Syntax: redis_sunion(con,key[,key1,key2,...]) Note: Extmember,given sets,union


Description: Get the score associated with the given member in a sorted set. Syntax: redis_zscore(con,key,member) Note: sorted set,key,member,score