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Description: Create a matrix whose major diagonal element is 1 and other elements are 0. Syntax: eye(n1,n2) Note: The exmatrix,dimension,unit matrix


Description: Search for positions of non-zero members in a vector or matrix. Syntax: mfind(A, n) Note: The external librvector,matrix,non-zero


Description: Calculate the mean value within a matrix or a multidimensional matrix. Syntax: mmean(A, n) Note: An externamatrix,multidimensional matrix,mean


Description: Normalize a matrix or a multidimensional matrix, during which the center value is 0 and the standard deviatmatrix,multidimensianl matrix,normalization


Description: Calculate the standard deviation on a matrix or a multidimensional matrix. Syntax: mstd(A, n) Note: An extematrix,multidimensional matrix,standard deviation


Description: Calculate sum on a matrix or a multidimensional matrix. Syntax: msum(A, n) Note: An external library functimatrix,sum


Description: Normalize a matrix or a vector. Syntax: norm(A) Note: The function normalizes a matrix or a vector by subtrmatrix,vector,normalize


Description: External library function; perform PCA on a matrix and return data for dimensionality reduction. Syntax: pcmatrix,pca,dimensionality reduction


Description: External library function; fit together matrices using PLS technique. Syntax: pls(A,Y,n)  Fit matrix A and matrix,pls,fitting,coefficient,number of principal components


Description: Return the rank of a matrix. Syntax: rankm(A) Note: The function returns the rank of matrix A. Parameter: Amatrix,rank