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Delete the contents of a selected cell.  delete,contents

Clear All

Delete contents, cell values, and cell prompts of selected cells.  delete,contents, all cells

Maintain Data

The data maintenance functionality is used for update data in a txt, xlsx, btx, xls or csv file having the same structurappend,update,delete


Delete the current execution environment of the program cellset and reset computing environment such as updating the datdelete,current execution environment, reset computing environment


Here’s how to use delete() function.delete

Maintaining composite tables

Like handling normal table sequences, we can add, modify or delete records to/in/from a composite table’s entity table. physical table,maintenance,update,delete


Description: Delete data in InfluxDB2. Syntax: influx2_delete(hd,beginTime,endTime,deleteStatement,bucket,organization) delete,influxdb2


Here’s how to use movefile() function.file,move,delete,rename


Description:    Delete one or more files from a zip file. Syntax:    zip_del(zip, files) Note:   The external library fuzip,delete