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Compute Salary Payable based on Attendance and Performance Data

l  Problem The finance department of an enterprise needs to compute the staff salary and export the data to the bank. Thnew table sequence,txt file,,import,create,record,write

Present Data in Multi-Column Report Layout

l  Problem This is a problem about report development. With this example, the flexible computation mechanism of esProc cmulti-column report,file,import,create,record


Description: Find whether an object is a record. Syntax: ifr(x) Note: The function finds whether the parameter x is a rerecord


Description: Parse a string, a record, a sequence or a table sequence of JSON format. Syntax:   json(x) Note: If parametjson string,record,parse

r.( x )

Description: Compute an expression against a record and return the result. Syntax: r.( x ) Note: The function computes trecord,compute,expression


r is a record, and r.F is the value of field F of record r . Besides using r.F to indicate field value, you can also userecord,value


Here’s how to use records() function.  record