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Date/Time Functions

  esProc offers date/time functions that return date, time and datetime values. Ø  age() Compute the number of whole yeafunction,year,month,day,quater


Description: Compute the number of whole years between two specified time points. Syntax: age(dateExp1:formatExp,dateExptime,interval,year,month,day


Description: Get the day from a date value. Syntax: day(dateExp) Note: The function gets the day from dateExp of date tydate value,month


Description: Get the number of days of the year, quarter or month to which the specified date belongs. Syntax: days(datespecified date,year,quarter,month,number of days,integer


Description: Get the date/time which is a certain time period before or after a given date/time. Syntax: elapse(dateExp,new date,year,quarter,month,day


Description: Get the month from a specified date/datetime value. Syntax: month(dateExp) Note: The function gets the mont specified date,month