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Calculate Prime Numbers with Sieve Method

l  Problem Sieve method is an old way to find all the prime numbers smaller than a certain natural number N (N>1). It wosieve method,prime numbers,loop,step,for,if

Fibonacci Sequence

l  Problem Fibonacci sequence is the series of numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 … From the third number, each number isfibonacci sequence,iterative algorithm,recursion algorithm,loop,func,for,if

Employees Who Have Worked in New York for over 5 Years Cumulatively

l  Problem The table below is an employee info list of a company. Employees in the company transfer regularly due to busgroup,table sequence,loop,file,import,keys,switch,new,sum,for

Commodities with the Longest Accumulated Out-of-Stock Time in a Month

l  Problem The tables below are from a simplified supermarket stock control system. To check if the purchase policy is pcreate a sequence,loop,file,import,periods,align,keys,for

Salesperson Achieving the Highest Sales Values during Promotion

l  Problem This is a database problem that occurs in a department store. A database of the department store contains twoloop,table sequence,file,import,create,group,insert

Calculate User Growth Rate under Recurring Charge Mode

l  Problem An antivirus software company’s product is sold by billing users according to different authorization terms, recurringcharge mode,loop,date scope,file,import,date,elapse


Description: The variable generated during the process of loop. Note: c The cell where for statement is placed #c The seloop, loop number

cum ()

Description: An interative loop to get a cumulative value over records in which one of its fields has same values. Syntaloop,iterative operation,same field value,cumulative value