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asc ()

Description: Get the Unicode value of a character at the specified position in a string. Syntax: asc( string{, nPos} ) Nspecified position,unicode value,asci,integer


Description: Return the number of combinations. Syntax: combin(n,k) Note: The number of ways of picking k elements from combinations,integer,number


Description: Get the number of days of the year, quarter or month to which the specified date belongs. Syntax: days(datespecified date,year,quarter,month,number of days,integer

hour ()

Description: Get the hour from a specified datetime. Syntax: hour(datetimeExp) Note: Get the hour from the specified tim specified datetime,hour,integer

Description: Get an integer consisting of certain bytes of a serial byte key. Syntax:,…) Get the integer made serialbyte,integer


Description: On integers, perform bitwise NOT operation to get the logical negation on each bit. Syntax: not(x) Note: Thinteger,bitwise not


Description: Perform bitwise OR operation on integers. Syntax: or(xi,…) or(A)   Note: Bitwise OR operation on integers. integer,bitwise or


Description: Get a random string. Syntax: rands(s,l) Note: The function generates a string of length l randomly using thrandom string,integer


Description: Perform XOR operation on integers. Syntax: xor(xi,…) xor(A)   Note: The function performs XOR operation on integer,xor operation

Hexadecimal long integer

Description: Hexadecimal long integer. Syntax: 0x12 Note: Integers that start with “0x” are the hexadecimal long integerhexadecimal, “0x”,integer