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Calculate Prime Numbers with Sieve Method

l  Problem Sieve method is an old way to find all the prime numbers smaller than a certain natural number N (N>1). It wosieve method,prime numbers,loop,step,for,if

Fibonacci Sequence

l  Problem Fibonacci sequence is the series of numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 … From the third number, each number isfibonacci sequence,iterative algorithm,recursion algorithm,loop,func,for,if


l  Problem Repetend is the infinite repeating figures in a repeating decimal. Every repeating decimal can be expressed ainfinite repeating,divisor,remainder,pos,concat,for,break

Simulate Multiple Recursion

l  Problem Please compile a program to answer the following 10 questions: 1. Which is the question that has the first anmultiple recursion,judge,for,func

Eight Queens Puzzle

  l  problem The Eight Queens problem is an old and famous problem. It is described as follows: Put eight queens on the eight queens puzzle,for,if,pselect,pos,abs,concat,len

24-Point Game

l  Problem The 24-point game is a classic intellectual game using poker to carry out the calculation. The game is detail24-point game,arrange,enumerate,for,if,power,func,abs,union

Freightage Computation

l  Problem A B2C website needs to compute the price of freightage for orders. In most cases, the freightage is computed file,import,sort,derive,for,next

Generate the Text Histogram

l  Problem This problem aims to simulate the histogram via text. Below is the Employee table, in which the DEPTNO field horizontal histogram,vertical histogram,file,import,create,group,insert,for

Employees Who Have Worked in New York for over 5 Years Cumulatively

l  Problem The table below is an employee info list of a company. Employees in the company transfer regularly due to busgroup,table sequence,loop,file,import,keys,switch,new,sum,for

Commodities with the Longest Accumulated Out-of-Stock Time in a Month

l  Problem The tables below are from a simplified supermarket stock control system. To check if the purchase policy is pcreate a sequence,loop,file,import,periods,align,keys,for