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Play Matchmaker

l  Problem Romeo is an NS GSOH M Veronian (nonsmoking, good-sense-of-humor male who lives in Verona). Juliet WLTM (wouldcycle,file,import,group,select,pos

Freightage Computation

l  Problem A B2C website needs to compute the price of freightage for orders. In most cases, the freightage is computed file,import,sort,derive,for,next

Generate the Text Histogram

l  Problem This problem aims to simulate the histogram via text. Below is the Employee table, in which the DEPTNO field horizontal histogram,vertical histogram,file,import,create,group,insert,for

Make the Management Tree

l  Problem The following is the Employee table of an enterprise, inclusive of the employee ID and name: EMPNO ENAME 7902management tree,inner loop,file,import,select,sort

Top N Clients Accounting for Half of the Total Sales in a Certain Year

l  Problem The table below is the historic sales contracts of an enterprise: The table below is the Client table: Among group,descendingorder,file,import,keys,switch,pselect

Stocks Hitting Their Daily Limits for 3 Consecutive Days in a Month

l  Problem The following is the record of daily closing prices of a stock exchange in a month, in which the CODE column code and date,group,file,import,derive,sort,run

Count the Married Couples Whose Total Age is Over 70 Inclusive

l  Problem An enterprise is planning to allocate the welfare houses with low price to its married couple employees,who areplace,table sequence,file,import,keys,switch,new,select

Employees Who Have Worked in New York for over 5 Years Cumulatively

l  Problem The table below is an employee info list of a company. Employees in the company transfer regularly due to busgroup,table sequence,loop,file,import,keys,switch,new,sum,for

Commodities with the Longest Accumulated Out-of-Stock Time in a Month

l  Problem The tables below are from a simplified supermarket stock control system. To check if the purchase policy is pcreate a sequence,loop,file,import,periods,align,keys,for

Average Residence Time of Certain Types of Commodities in the Supermarket before Being Sold Out

l  Problem The tables below are some tables from simplified supermarket stock control system. To investigate the sales saverage,conversion,file,import,keys,switch,sum,long,floor