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Generate the Text Histogram

l  Problem This problem aims to simulate the histogram via text. Below is the Employee table, in which the DEPTNO field horizontal histogram,vertical histogram,file,import,create,group,insert,for

Salesperson Achieving the Highest Sales Values during Promotion

l  Problem This is a database problem that occurs in a department store. A database of the department store contains twoloop,table sequence,file,import,create,group,insert

Prepare Test Data for Sales Management System

l  Problem To prepare the simulation data for a sales management system, you are required to generate 4 tables (test_Salsimulation data,degree of randomness,writeinto the database,create,insert,rand,len

Compute Salary Payable based on Attendance and Performance Data

l  Problem The finance department of an enterprise needs to compute the staff salary and export the data to the bank. Thnew table sequence,txt file,,import,create,record,write

Present Data in Multi-Column Report Layout

l  Problem This is a problem about report development. With this example, the flexible computation mechanism of esProc cmulti-column report,file,import,create,record


Here’s how to use creat() function.create

Generating a composite table

A composite table stores data in a special format and has the extension .ctx. Let’s look at how to generate and use a cocomposite table,ctx,create,dimension,attach,append,basetable,attached table,parent table

Accessing a composite table

The f.create() function is used to open a composite table saved as a file without the need of specifying a parameter:   composite table,access,create,attach,cursor,icursor,index,joinx


Description: Create an FTP client. Syntax: ftp_client(server:port,user,pwd) Note: External library function. By default create,ftp client,external library function,passive mode


Description: Create a HBase connection. Syntax: hbase_open(hdfsUrl, zkUrl1,zkUrl2,...zkUrlN) Note: This external librarycreate,hbase database