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It indicates the data type of the constant is table sequence and the data of this table sequence comes from the databaseconstant,data type, table sequence, database

Const Forecolor

Specify the foreground color of a constant cell.constant, cell, foreground color

[a 1 ,…a n ]

Description: Define a sequence constant. Syntax:  [a1,a2…, an] Note: The function defines a sequence composed of memberssequence,constant


Description: Define a string constant. Syntax: "string" or $[string]Note: An expression must be double quoted in use. Bustring,constant

Table sequence constant

Description: A table sequence constant displayed in JSON style. Syntax: [{Fi:…,…},…] Note: A JSON style table sequence cconstant,json

Record constant

Description: A JSON-style record style. Syntax: {Fi:…,…} Note: The record constant is in JSON style. It can be used in bconstant,json