HTTP service

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esProc provides HTTP service to access the result set of a script file through URL. For detailed information, look up the httpfile() function in Function Reference. Make sure you use JDK version 1.8 or above. This section introduces how to launch the HTTP service.

6.7.1 Starting the GUI console

In esProc’s [installation root directory]\esProc\bin, double click the esprocs.exe file (Under Linux, execute to pop up the Http Server window:

Select Http Server and click Config to open Http Server window for configuring the port:

Click OK and esProc will automatically configure the HttpServer.xml file according to the configured information under [installation root directory]\esProc config. Then click Start to launch the esProc HTTP service. To stop the service, just click Stop.

6.7.2 Starting non-GUI console

Use the non-GUI console under Linux, here is how to start it: execute the command ./  -h in the esProc\bin directory under the installation root directory to start the HTTP service.