HTTP service

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esProc provides HTTP service to access the result set of a dfx file through URL. For detailed information, look up the httpfile() function in Function Reference. This section introduces how to launch the HTTP service.

Starting the GUI console

In esProc’s [installation root directory]\esProc\bin, double click the esprocs.exe file (Under Linux, execute to pop up the Http Server window:

Select Http Server and click Config to open Http Server window for configuring the port:

Click OK and esProc will automatically configure the HttpServer.xml file according to the configured information under [installation root directory]\esProc config. Then click Start to launch the esProc HTTP service. To stop the service, just click Stop.

Starting non-GUI console

Use the non-GUI console under Linux, here is how to start it: execute the command ./  -h in the esProc\bin directory under the installation root directory to start the HTTP service.