Cell Editing

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This section explains cell editing properties, including copy and paste, insertion and delete.

1.2.1 Cell Copy and Paste

In esProc, you can press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy data or an expression in a cell and paste it on the targeted one. But unlike Excel, the cell copy and paste operations will not adjust the expression automatically.



If you need to adjust the expression in the cell quoted by the expression, press Ctrl-Alt-V to perform the paste. The expression will adapt itself automatically as it will in Excel.


Like Excel, esProc sets it as a rule that a cell with an expression in which both the row number and column number of the referenced cell start with $ will never get adjusted when pasted.

1.2.2 Insertion and Deletion like Text-editing

Pressing Ctrl+Enter, Ctrl+BackSpace and Ctrl+Del will result in similar effects of carriage return, backspace and deleting the current cell. This is similar to pressing Enter, Backspace and Delete keys in a text editor. Pressing Ctrl+Insert will insert a cell in the current row.

1)  Ctrl+Enter, which initiates a carriage return action.


2)  Ctrl+BackSpace, which performs a forward delete.

3)  Ctrl+Delete, which deletes the current cell and at the same time moves the cells following it leftward to fill the space.


4)  Ctrl+Insert, which inserts a cell, and at the same time the cells following it moves rightward.