Remote service

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The remote service is a middle layer between the client-side and the server. It is used to administer user privileges, view and save files on the server and upload files to the server through the connection to the server.

By defining their own class to implement the com.raqsoft.ide.custom.Server interface offered by Raqsoft, users can create a remote service menu. Explanations about the interface can be found in User-defined Remote Service.

esProc provides a complete, ready-to-use sample user-defined class driven by RaqReport’s Report Center Server with the designer to help achieve the remote service. The remote service menu shows on the screen at the opening of the designer. The Report Center Server is a multilevel report management system that administers users and work groups and their access of the reports.

Do as the following instructions if you want to redefine the remote service menu:

1.  Implement the com.raqsoft.ide.custom.Server interface by defining a class;

2.  Put the user-defined class in the designer class path;

3.  Add a Server property under the tag <CONFIG /> in the configuration file systemconfig_zh.xml in the directoryinstallation root directory\esProc\config. Its value is the path of the user-defined class.

Then restart the designer to put the change into effect.