On composite table files

Read(81) Label: composite tablefile, ctx,

Users can check and edit data in a composite table file (CTX) in the data file tool. Read Composite Tables to learn detailed explanations about bin files.

Click File -> Open or the open button  on the tool bar, or use the shortcut Ctrl+O to get the following dialog box:


Select .ctx file type and find the desired file employees.ctx. Then clickOpento open the file on the designer.

View data in a composite table file through First page, Previous Page and Last page menu items. You can choose to display data in the base table or an attached table through the drop-down list under Table name:

Click button  to plot a graph for the data.

Users can edit data in a composite table file using the data file tool, such as deleting a row or modify detailed data. Click Edit->Delete to remove a selected row. Note that only values in a non-dimension field can be modified.


1.   选出列和别名

The choices – Selected fields & their aliases

2.   计算列(双击上方引用名字添加到表达式)

Compute (Double click above reference name add to expression) – Computed columns (Double-click a Reference name to add to expression)