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For users who use a valid formal license that doesn’t support the “Development tool” functionality and those who use a valid trial license including the “IDE” functionality but not the “Server” functionality,My subscriptionitem will be enabled on the Help menu in their YModel designers. The subscription term is a fixed 12-month period.

Users can only apply to purchase a YModel license on the YModel designer. To obtain a license of any other Raqsoft product, please open the corresponding designer to make the application.

Customer name: Name of the customer that purchase the product.

Email address: Make sure your entry is correct and valid because the order confirmation letter and the license file will be sent to this address. For one email address, only one application can enter the approval process. If you have an unpaid order when you finish placing a new one, the previous unpaid order will be automatically cancelled (you will be notified of this through email).

Cell phone: This is used for contacting the customer when necessary.

Hostname: Be aware that each product set can only be installed on one fixed computer (the esProc system will automatically identify the current machine name) that cannot be changed within the current subscription period. To use the product on another computer, users need to enter the correct computer name manually. Once the license is completed, the hostname cannot be modified (View computer name in My Computer > Right Click > Property > Hostname.

Multiple hostnames, which correspond to multiple licenses, will be separated by comma under English input.

Unit price: The customer’s name can be a company name or an individual’s name when users select the “Unit price” option.

Coupon code: Use your coupon code to get an extra 30-day extension, a 10% commission and many other benefits. Specific rules are explained in Commercial Workflow for DSK Edition.

Email account balance: This is the remaining sum in your account represented by the “Email address” you entered.

Pay with balance first: When there is money in your account (“Email account balance” is greater than $0.00), you can select this option to make the payment with the email account balance first.

If there isn’t enough money in the email account to cover the order, you need to fill the price difference. If there is sufficient balance in it, a $ 1 payment order will still be generated for confirmation.

Be aware that you must use the same email address to receive the confirmation letter and the license file for an order if you want to use the money in this email’s account to make the payment. The application will be denied if the address is inconsistent.