Remote data source

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You can also generate a modeling table based on a remote data source.

Click “Generate Modeling Table” in “Tools” drop-down menu and select “Remote data source”:


“mtx file name”: Name the modeling table file.

“Data source”: Select a data source for generating the modeling table.

“Schema”: Select a database schema.

“Table”: Select a database table.

“Field”: Select fields in the database table.

“Where”: Add a filtering condition.

“Group”: Group the selected data.

“Having”: Filter and group data, which is equivalent to “Having” clause in the database language.

“Sort”: Sort data in ascending/descending order.

“SQL”: Get desired data with database syntax.


Take “ORDERS” table in “demo” database as an example:


For a skilled SQL user, they can skip configurations of “Table”, “Field” and “Where” to edit a SQL query to “Execute”. The modeling table is successfully created if the following message appears: